Bed Sores: A Brief Introduction

Bed sores, or pressure ulcers, are common in patients who are unable to make a voluntary effort to turn by themselves. Due to unrelieved prolonged pressure, humidity, temperature, age and other factors, signs of pressure ulcers such as redness in the skin would start occuring.

Stage 1 Pressure Ulcer

Bed sores are mainly caused by the 3 following actions:

Pressure, or the compression of tissues. In most cases, this compression is caused by the force of bone against a surface, as when a patient remains in a single stationary position for a prolonged period of time.

Shear force, or a force created when the skin of a patient stays in one place as the skeletal muscle slide down with gravity.

Friction, or a force resisting the shearing of skin.

Other factors from excessive humidity, such as moisture from incontinence and perspiration may also cause bed sores to develop faster.

Treatment Options

The most important care for a patient with bedsores is the relief of pressure. Once a bedsore is found, pressure should immediately be lifted from the area and the patient turned at least every two hours to avoid aggravating the wound. Hospital and nursing homes usually set programs to avoid the development of bedsores in bedridden patients such as patient turning schedules, together with the use of antidecubitus mattress systems, or more commonly known as pressure relief mattresses.

Pressure Relief Mattress System

Apart from removing pressure, other treatment elements also include the removal of dead tissue from current bed sores to allow accelerated healing of wounds. Because dead tissue is an ideal area of bacterial growth, it has the ability to greatly compromise wound healing, and as such, care must be taken to treat current wounds.

Infection control is also critical to the wound healing process. Infected wounds may have a gangrenous smell, be discoloured, and may eventually exude even more pus. Dressings must be changed regularly and antiseptic medication must also be applied to the affected areas.

Other treatment options also include nutritional support, caregiver education and wound intervention, or surgery options.

Choosing a Pressure Relief Mattress System

All pressure relief mattress systems available have the sole intention to prevent bed sores by alternating pressure on various parts of the body. However, they differ in the quality of the material used to make the mattress, how pressure is alternated, reliability of the motor used to power the mattress system, all of which are determining factors for an efficient pressure relief mattress systems. Therefore, prices of mattress systems can range from S$150 to S$2,500.

There are 2 main types of mattress systems available today, bubble-type and tube-type.

Bubble Type and Tube Type

There are various pros and cons in choosing between the 2 different type of mattress systems and hence due care must be exercised during your purchase considerations and purchase process to ensure that you are informed and making the right decisions.

Bubble Type Mattress Systems

– Prices range from S$150 to S$300.

– Generally made of PVC, which can be warm after extended use.
– Bubbles are close together, which may hinder from fully relieving pressure alternatively.
– Interconnected system, which means when one bubble is punctured, you would have to replace the entire mattress system.

Tube Type Mattress Systems

– Some are made from PU (polyurethane), which remains cool even after extended use.
– 20 to 24 tube system, which means pressure areas can be fully relieved during the alternative action.
– Replaceable tube system, hence when one tube is punctured, simply replace the tube, no need to purchase a new system.

– Some are made from PVC, which can be warm after extended use.
– Branded PU systems can get expensive.

Rainbow Care’s Pressure Relief Mattress System

Rainbow Care has spent much time researching on different product offers from various overseas suppliers, such as materials used, motor reliability, and pricing. After much comparison and deliberation, we proudly present the Rainbow Care Pressure Mattress System.

– Japanese system OEM.
– Mattress system made of PU, which remains cool even after prolonged usage.
– 20 tube system to ensure even distribution throughout the whole body for full relief of pressure.
– Micro air outlets distributed throughout the mattress system to allow jets of cool air to cool body contact surfaces.
– Spare tube included to allow users to replace punctured or damaged tube.
– Efficient compressor motor systems which uses fewer movable parts than other systems, and hence has a lower power rating and lasts longer.
– Easy user interface with adjustable knob to control hardness of the mattress to cater for a wide range of patient weights.
– Automated alternating timer built into compressor motor system.
– Affordable: S$600.

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