ConviFit Adult Diapers Unisex - M

  • S$7.50

ConviFit Diapers offer very high surface dryness after wetting, skin stays dry with super absorbent core technology. Keep skin protected with aloe vera extracts.

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Brand: Rainbow Care

Product Code: CONVIFITM

- All-In-One Value Diaper
- Wetness indicator
- 10pcs/packet                                                            

Specially designed for semi-mobile/bed-ridden users. Comes in 2 sizes: M and L.


- SAP Dual Core:
Super absorbent core - locks-in urine quickly and securely for dry healthy skin

- Adjustable and Re-stickable Taping Zone:
Frontal tape system for easy adjustment and inspection

- Wetness Indicator:
Blue stripes fade when it is time to change diaper

- Aloe Vera Extracts:
Maintains good skin and a fresh clean scent

- Advanced Leak Guard:
Side leak protection means dry clothes and dry bed

Size Guide:
Medium: 76cm-116cm

Rehabilitation Specifications
Overall Length 28 cm
Overall Width 16 cm
Overall Height 22 cm