FT7301 Shower Bench

  • S$160.00

Designed to provide greater stability and comfort, the FT7301 comes with a Right Handle, Larger Back Rest, and Height Adjustable legs to better aid user's mobility and comfort.

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Brand: Rainbow Care

Product Code: C3FT7301

- Right Handle
- Adjustable Height
- Large Back Rest      


An impressive shower bench in multiple ways, the FT7301 has a lightweight Aluminium frame with durable Plastic body. Designed to provide greater stability and comfort, its Right Handle, Adjustable Height and a Larger Back Rest aids user's mobility and comfort. The 30 hole design helps prevent water from piling up, allows water to pass through, thus keeping the shower bench dry with minimal effort. 4 Anti-Slip legs also helps provide a sturdy support, especially in wet environments.

- 30 hole Bench Seat prevents water from pooling up
- Adjustable Height to cater to users preference and comfort - able to cater to taller individuals because of its greater height adjustment spectrum
- Large Back Rest, providing greater comfort and support
- Right Handle to grasp on to, aiding mobility for users to stand and sit safely
- 4 Anti-Slip legs
- Can be disassembled 

Bathroom Aid Specifications
Overall Width 73.5 cm
Seat Width 67 cm
Seat Height 47 - 58 cm Adjustable (Floor to Seat)
Seat Depth 41 cm
Weight 5 kg
Safe Working Load 130 kg