Practico Alu Plus Low Premium Nursing Bed, Split Side Rails

  • S$3,200.00

The Practico range of premium luxury nursing beds has many new features with regards to functions and innovations. It is a cost effective solution for users who wish to have high quality beds made in Germany, yet affordable at the same time.

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Brand: Hermann Bock GmbH

Product Code: B1PPAP

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- 5 Crank Functions
- Split Side Rails
- Includes Mattress & Delivery   

Multifunctional and luxurious, the Practico Alu Plus Low, Premium Nursing Bed is a 5 crank nursing bed featuring diagonal angle adjustments to facilitate a restful rehabilitation after discharge

Aside from its cosy wooden finishing, the premium hospital bed is designed with user's utmost safety in mind. The hospital bed can go as low as 25cm, reducing impact of a fall

Remote Control Functions


Trapeze Pole (Optional Add On)

A great additional for users to lift themselves to an upright position

Premium Comfort Mattress

Comes with 4" waterproof premium comfort mattress

Split Side Railings

Secure split railing provide support while users enter and exit the nursing bed

Central Braking System

Semi-Locked Position
Only front wheels are locked

Neutral Position
All wheels are unlocked

Full-Locked Position
All wheels are locked

Ripolux Lying Surface System

Optional Add On
Individually pieced beneath the mattress, the Ripolux Lying Surface systems provides added spring to help distribute body pressure evenly across the bed.
Strategically placed with 3 varying firmness, the soft spring is placed at the head region, medium firmness in mid-body region and hard spring across the bed to elevate one's comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

The various mattress differs in terms of firmness.

Premium Comfort Mattress , included with each premium bed purchase, it features a PVC waterproof covering and is the firmest compared to Bock Standard & Bock Riposan Comfort Mattress.

Bock Standard Comfort Mattress provides medium firmness and waterproof PU fitted covering. Made in Germany, this mattress is also suitable for the prevention of bed sore.

Bock Riposan Comfort Mattress is the least firm amongst the mattress, comes with PU waterproof and helps with the prevention of bed sore.
Product Specifications
Key Features Back Raise • Leg Raise • Height Adjustable
Bed Railings Split Railings
Overall Dimensions 208.5 cm (L) x 101.5 cm (W)
82.1" (L) x 40" (W)
Overall Height 25 cm to 81 cm (Floor to Bed base)
9.8" to 31.9" (Floor to Bed base)
Back Raise Angle 0° to 70°
Leg Raise Angle 0° to 50°
Safe Working Load 185 kg
Overall Weight 130 kg
Country Of Origin Made in Germany
Warranty One year warranty on motor