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Milk Feeds

Myotein® by Valens

- Instantised, soluble milk protein
- Dissolves easily
- No after taste     

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PROPASS Protein Powder By Hormel

- Concentrated protein module health supplement
- High quality protein
- Mixes easy  

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Diben Drink

- Comes in Pack of 4
- Carbohydrate Modified Sip Feed
- Comes in 2 flavours  

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Fresubin 2 Kcal By Fresenius-Kabi

- Comes in Pack of 4
- Fibre Free and high in protein
- Comes in 2 flavours   

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Fresubin Energy Fibre By Fresenius-Kabi Fresubin Energy Fibre By Fresenius-Kabi Sold out
Fresubin Energy Fibre By Fresenius-Kabi

- Rich in fibre (incl. Prebiotic fibre)
- Gluten and Lactose free
- Pack of 4

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Fresubin Hepa By Fresenius-Kabi

CLEARANCE SALE  ( Expiry :  31 Aug 2020 )

- Tailored for Liver patients
- Cont

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Fresubin Protein Energy By Fresenius-Kabi

- High Protein (10g/100ml)
- High-caloric (1.5 kcal/ml)
- Pack of 4    

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Fresubin Renal By Fresenius-Kabi

- High in MUFA & Calories
- Carefully adapted to needs of renal patients    

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Supportan Drink

- High in protein
- Suitable for patients with Cancer, Chronic Catabolic disease or Cachexia

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