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Heart Hugger

Heart Hugger™ is a simple, on demand, patient-operated harness that provides patients with full-t

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FT31103 Foldable Walking Frame

- Lightweight Aluminium frame 
- Foldable Frame       &nb

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FT31105 Foldable Walking Frame

- Lightweight Aluminium Frame
- Foldable Frame        &nb

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Wheelchair Transfer Board

Foldable Board for Easy User Transfer           

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Rubberized Ramp
From S$80.00

- 2", 3" and 4" Height
- Wooden Ramp, Anti-Slip Rubberized Covering
- Prices from S$80

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Aluminium Ramp
From S$100.00

2", 3" and 4" Height
Durable Aluminium Ramp           &nb

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Telescopic Ramp
From S$240.00

- 3 and 3.5 feet Lengths
- Aluminium Ramp With Friction Lining
- Prices from S$240

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