Hospital Systems

Rainbow Care works with world class manufacturers to bring the best healthcare products to Singapore.

From life support equipment to wall fittings, Rainbow Care aims to build a comprehensive portfolio of equipment to support clinicians and nurses.

Our Partners

Medos Medizintechnik AG

Medos offers a comprehensive product portfolio for cardiac surgeons and perfusionists. Especially Medos’ blood pump expertise and blood pump technology paved the way to expand the overall product portfolio of heart and lung support on one single platform.

Physicians and caregivers can benefit from a pioneering technology concept. Versatile in application – from effective CO2 removal (ECCO2R), all the way to complete oxygenation (Respiratory and Cardiopulmonary ECMO). Easy to use and with comprehensive monitoring. Furthermore, the multifunctional usability of one platform provides economical benefits and reduced training expenses.

Medos products are developed and manufactured at two production locations in Germany. In selecting our suppliers, we place great value on high quality products.


Hirtz & Co. KG

Being a medium-sized medical technology company, Hirtz & Co. KG has made itself a name by considerably improving the patient temperature management in hospitals. Customers in more than 65 countries around the globe have come to appreciate hypo- and hyperthermia systems developed and produced in Cologne under the brand name HICO Medical Systems. HICO quality "made in Germany" stands for maximum precision, superior performance and an especially long service life.

Hirtz & Co. KG, with its particular focus on patient temperature management, has been ISO-certified since 1997 and guarantees excellent quality thanks to highly qualified staff and continuous quality control.


Spectrum Medical

In 2006, Spectrum Medical entered into the global medical device market with the launch of its non-invasive diagnostic System M technologies. In the intervening years, and to this present day, Spectrum Medical has shown its commitment to building global leadership in both PERFUSION SYSTEMS for extracorporeal therapies and Health Informatics solutions for the high acuity healthcare space.

Today, Spectrum Medical continues to earn the trust of clinicians and patients in over 50 countries.


Precision Medical

Precision Medical provides FDA-quality respiratory products such as oxygen regulators, air compressors, and other breathing equipment for optimal patient care.

For more than 30 years, Precision Medical has designed and produced innovative oxygen products and medical fittings that are more lightweight while delivering the same power, reduce patient deliveries by providing more dependable service, and lower maintenance time and costs.