All You Need To Know About Mobile Commodes

All You Need To Know About Mobile Commodes

Be it a first time or repeat purchase, deciding on the right mobile commode can be a daunting task. From design to functions and material, there is much to consider before deciding on your preferred mobile commode. We’ve therefore compiled a quick guide to aid your decision.

It's Not A One Size Fit All!

Before we deep dive into the various models of commode, let’s talk about your surrounding. Contrary to popular beliefs, toilet bowls come in different shape & sizes, not all mobile commode can fit! There are certain measurements to take note before selecting your mobile commode.

1) Overall Toilet Bowl Height: Measured from toilet bowl base to top of toilet bowl. Measurement will be compared to mobile commode's 'Height (Floor to Handle Base)'

2) Toilet Bowl Height: Measured from toilet bowl base to seat base (excluding toilet seat). Measurement will be compared to mobile commode's 'Height (Floor to Bucket Catch)'

3) Toilet Bowl Width: Measured from left to right of toilet bowl. Measurement will be compared to mobile commode's 'Internal Width (Wheel to Wheel)'

4) Toilet Bowl Depth: Measured from the front to back of toilet bowl. Measurement will be compared to mobile commode's 'Depth'

Other factors to consider include:
- Width of Door Frame
- Other potential obstructive objects such as, Built-In-Cabinet, Shower Panel, Pipping etc.

Know What You're Getting

Now for the good stuff – all our mobile commodes double up as a shower chair, with certain model acting as an indoor wheelchair. Equip with different functions and catering to different needs, we’ve broken them into digestible bite size information for you:

Flip Up Arm Rest & Detachable Leg Rest: Once the flip up arm rest and leg rest are detached, mobile commodes can be placed at the bed side for easy transfer with the help of slide sheets or transfer belts. Suitable for users who are mobile.

Adjustable Height: For those who are taller or require slight height adjustments to fit your toilet bowl, this function would definitely proof useful for you!

Open Clamp Seating: A function typically seen in transfer aids, the open clamp seating is recommended for users who are not as mobile. With minimum effort and adjustments, you can easily transfer user to the toilet or shower room.

Chrome vs Aluminum vs Stainless Steel Material: Which to get and how is one better than the other? 

✓ Lightweight
✓ Price-Friendly
╳ Higher Chance of Corrosion
✓ Lightweight
✓ Price-Friendly
╳ Moderate Corrosion
Stainless Steel
✓ Most Sturdy Metal
✓ Least Corrosion Overtime
╳ Slightly heavier in weight
╳ Higher in Price

Consider Your Needs

Check our our full range of mobile commodes here! When making comparisons, our best suggestion would be for you to think about your environment and consider how certain tasks like transferring someone is done before deciding.

If you need more insights or need assistance with certain questions, feel free to drop us a text at +65 8501 1878 or visit us at our showroom for product comparison.