SpectraSpray - CoQ10 'Ubiquinol' Spray Supplement

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SpectraSpray CoQ10 'Ubiquinol' boosts energy endurance, aids exercise/muscle recovery, supports auto immune conditions, heart health, blood sugar levels and anti-aging. The active form of CoQ10 is Ubiquinol.

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• Powerful Antioxidant
• Supports Energy Production
• Healthy Cholesterol Level


Batch Expiry Date: November 2024

SpectraSpray CoQ10 'Ubiquinol' is an easy to use oral spray supplement with superior 93% absorption. Kaneka® Ubiquinol increases absorption 3X's.

30 Servings

- Powerful antioxidant
- Supports energy production in every cell
- Helps maintain normal blood pressure
- Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
- Supports healthy gums
- CoQ10 levels naturally reduce over age 30

CoQ10 Spray Supplement boosts energy and endurance, aids exercise/ muscle recovery, supports auto immune conditions, heart health, blood sugar levels and anti-aging.


Before initial use, activate pump by pressing 2-4 times.
Always shake gently before use and spray twice inside each cheek, twice a day; 8 sprays per day. Suggested use for CoQ10: 4 sprays, twice a day.
Each tube contains 240 sprays.

*Suitable for ages 8 and above. Half dosage for children 8 - 14. Full dosage for children 15 and above.

Product Info:

The active form of CoQ10 is Ubiquinol. Many cannot convert Ubiquinone, more commonly used in CoQ10 products, into Ubiquiol. We use the highest grade Ubiquinol ingredient: Kaneka® brand. Lower dose of 40 IU is comparable to over 200 IU in non spray forms.

Active Ingredients:

Kaneka® Ubiquinol - 40mg

Very Important for: Heart Health, Immune Health, Endurance, Healthy Aging, Mental Health and Chronic Pain.


Made in the USA.

**Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Experience the future of Vitamins.




Why Spray Vitamins?




No water needed.
No pill swallowing.


No artificial dyes,
colors, binders or


Gluten Free
Sugar Free
Dairy Free







Highest Absorption.

Oral Spray vitamins have the highest absorption compared to any other vitamin intake! What does this mean?

Fast Results.



How it works.

SpectraSpray Oral Spray Vitamins absorb via your oral mucosa (inside of your cheek)
The nutrients travel directly into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive system.


How to Spray



Remove the cap.
For new sprays, press a few times to activate.


Open your mouth and spray 2 times on the inside of each cheek. (4 Sprays)


Use twice a day.
(If full dose is desired at once, wait a few seconds and repeat 4 sprays.)


They're just convenient.

Easy to carry with you. Spray SpectraSpray Anytime. Anywhere.

No water needed. Just spray.


Proudly Made in the USA

Born in the USA!
Our sprays are made on the West Coast.