Enrich Pro In The Ear PSAP

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Enhance your hearing without the hefty price tag of a hearing aid. Powered by Lucid patented technology to deliver natural sound quality, It comes with the ability to reduce unwanted feedback and adapt noise level to various environment

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Brand: Lucid Audio

Product Code: E3EP-ITC

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• Personal Sound Amplifier Product
• Come in Pairs
• Near Invisible in Ear Design

Enhance Your Hearing

Offering a boost in loudness, stay connected throughout conversations with Enrich Pro In Ear Personal Sound Amplifier.

Amplifying just as much sound as a hearing aid, but without the hefty price tag.


2 Listening Modes
Toggle between conversation & crowd mode

Dynamic Feedback Canceller & Noise Suppression
Patented technique suppressing unwanted feedback & noise without sacrificing sound quality

8 Channel Sound Processing
Higher accuracy in the correction of hearing loss

Omni Directional Microphone
Pick up sound from all sides and directions

Water & Sweat Resistance
Durable & invisible liquid repellent coating (inside and out)

Volume Control
Adjust according to your comfort level

" I'm not constantly asking people to repeat themselves.. I can hear so much better it's been a major improvement "

- Domingo
Enrich Pro In Ear PSAP User

Frequently Asked Questions

A PSAP is a hearing enhancer and only amplifies sounds. It is recommended for when you are not ready for a hearing aid but need a little help. A PSAP is not a hearing aid. Hearing aids require fitting by a hearing care professional since they can be programmed to amplify sounds for a variety of frequencies and types of hearing loss.
Product Specifications
Key Features Program Selection
P1 : Conversations (Low)
• Amplify higher frequency sounds and in most situations provide comfortable listening
P2 : Music/Concert (High)
• Amplify low frequency sounds
Sound Level 30 dB of Amplification
100 dB of Max Power Output
Battery Size 10, 1.45V
Battery Duration 240 Hours (Average Life)
Warranty 1 Year - Carry in Warranty Manufacturing Defect Only