3 Crank Electrical Luxury Hospital Bed

  • S$1,650.00

This 3 Crank Electrical Luxury Hospital Bed has split side panels that follow the back raising reclining feature. Increased safety and stability when getting on and off the bed while holding on to the side rails.

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Brand: Rainbow Care

Product Code: B2E3L

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• Back & Leg Raise
• Height Adjustments
• Includes Mattress & Delivery

The 3-Crank electrical luxury bed is our standard electrical bed for home patient use. It is low in power consumption and only consumes power when the remote is pressed on.

Split side panels enable user to hold on to one of the side rails while getting off the bed. This provides an additional level of safety and stability for users.

I.V. Drip Stand
The bed comes with I.V stand and insertion holes at each corner of the bed

Waterproof Mattress
Comes with 4" waterproof foam mattress

Bedside Panel Latch
To release and lower the side panels

Closer Side Panel
The side panels are designed to be closer, with tighter gaps for additional safety for users

Higher Side Panel
Higher panels accommodates various mattress height. Curved handle holds provides stability while users sit up

Lockable Wheels
Individual castor wheel locks for added safety

Angle Indicator
The angle indicator helps with accurate back raise positioning

Drainage Hooks
4 urine bags drainage hooks option for added convenience


Frequently Asked Questions

Back up battery is an additional in-built system that allows the operation of the hospital bed in the event of power failure.
Product Specifications
Key Features
Back Raise
Leg Raise
Height Adjustable
Bed Railings Luxury Split Side Rails
Overall Length 211 cm / 83.1"
Overall Width 109 cm / 42.9"
Overall Height 41 - 69 cm / 16.1" - 27.2" (Floor to Bed Base)
Back Raise Angle 0° - 80°
Leg Raise Angle 0° - 40°
Safe Working Load 150 kg
Country Of Origin Made in China
Warranty 1 Year Warranty (Motor Only)