Manual Resuscitator Set

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The set comes with a box contains Oxygen Tubing, Reservoir Bag and Pressure Limiting Valve. Available for Adult (60cmH20) and Pediatric / Child (40cmH20)

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• Adult & Pediatric
• 100% Latex Free
• Accessories Included

Manual Resuscitator Set

Product Features
• The set comes with a box containing Oxygen Tubing, a Reservoir Bag, and a Pressure Limiting Valve.
• Available for Adult (60 cm H20) and Pediatric / Child (40 cm H20)

Intended Use
• For pulmonary resuscitation
• Can be used as normal for continued oxygen supply and assisted ventilation

Suitable For
• Paediatric / Child: 10 - 40 kg
• Adult: 40 kg above

Paediatric / Child
Resuscitator Volume:
600 ml
1650 ml
Bag Reservoir Volume:
1600 ml
2000 ml
Product Specifications
Volume Range

Paediatric / ChildAdult
Resuscitator Volume:600 ml 1650 ml
Bag Reservoir Volume:1600 ml2000 ml
Material 100% Latex Free
Warranty NA